This State Just Gave Gun Grabbers A Middle Finger By Passing THIS Law – LIBS About To Blow!

This State Just Gave Gun Grabbers A Middle Finger By Passing THIS Law – LIBS About To Blow!

Liberals labor under the erroneous belief that the Second Amendment is a privilege that can be granted to citizens in certain cases. It’s exactly the opposite; the Second Amendment is a right that shall not be infringed. A state recently embraced this idea by passing constitutional carry and the left is sure to hate it as they continue to lose this war against the Second Amendment.


From The Political Insider:

If you want to watch a liberal’s head explode, just casually mention that yet another state has fallen into the evil grip of the NRA and extended the gun rights of their citizens.

From TThe Daily Caller:

The Missouri House of Representatives passed a “Constitutional Carry” bill Monday, protecting the rights of citizens to carry handguns without a permit.

House Bill 1468 — introduced by Representative Eric Burlison — passed by an overwhelming 112-37 vote and will now head to the state Senate.

Wow. They weren’t screwin’ around with that vote!

I’m guessing the voters won’t be beating down legislators’ doors with torches and pitchforks to turn back this new law.

“In 2014 Missourians made it abundantly clear that they have grown tired of the repeated attacks on our Second Amendment rights,” Burlison said in a statement. “This legislation simply aligns Missouri statutes with our state constitution so that our citizens can lawfully carry a concealed weapon without a permit.”

“This will end the unfair tax on our right to bear arms by doing away with the concealed carry permit fee, and give Missourians the protection they deserve to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” he added.

Darn straight.

Of course, in liberals’ minds that means that Missouri will be inundated in a bloodbath because people can’t be trusted with weapons – only the government can be trusted with that!!

Keep this in mind: unlawful use of a firearm is still illegal. Even with constitutional carry, a person is not allowed to shoot people, fire into the air, brandish the weapon in a threatening manner or perform any other illegal acts with it. What constitutional carry does change is that more law-abiding people will be able to carry firearms to stop those who intend to misuse them.

We’ve seen this time and time again. It’s time for all fifty states to embrace constitutional carry.

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