Conservative Speaker Puts Millennials Into MELTDOWN MODE – Calling Fems A CANCER…WATCH!

Conservative Speaker Puts Millennials Into MELTDOWN MODE – Calling Fems A CANCER…WATCH!

What’s particularly funny about the brainwashed social justice warriors that infest college campuses across the country is the fact that they are the quickest to label speech as “hate speech” and “unacceptable,” but try to ask them to remain quiet and they immediately insist that they have a right to free speech. They never seem to understand the irony of their selective tyranny and this lady is no exception. Though she voluntarily attended an event centered on challenging political correctness, this oh-so-delightful young woman absolutely lost it when a panelist called feminism a “cancer.” Check it out.


From Young Conservatives:

It seems wherever conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos goes, he causes delicate little snowflakes to melt into puddles of leaky goo looking feverishly for their safe space after being confronted by views contrary to their own.

The most recent example of this phenomenon comes from Massachusetts where a feminist student completely lost her mind after Yiannopoulos said feminism is a cancer.

Check this out. It might make your day.

From TheBlaze:

The incident occurred when the female protester interrupted the event over a comment Yiannopoulos made about feminism. Instead of caving and retracting his remark, Yiannopoulos doubled down and said that he viewed the ideology as a “cancer” on society.

“F*** you! F*** you!” the protester shouted in response.

“Keep your hate speech out of this campus! Keep your hate speech out of this campus! Keep your hate speech out of this campus!” the woman shouted.

When asked to quiet down, the unidentified student accused the speakers of trying to suppress her free speech rights.

“Stop talking to us like children!” she told a speaker when asked to quiet down.

“Then stop acting like a child,” the speaker shot back.

This woman is absolutely the poster child for the radical feminist movement. She has put the kind of silly nonsense they participate in on full display for the world to see.

I tend to agree with Yiannopoulos’ statement here. Look how much radical feminism has destroyed the family unit, and by extension, our whole culture and society.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think women should work outside of the home or some such nonsense. It means I feel that God made men and women different and those differences are beautiful.

When we function in our God given roles, our families and societies thrive. When we don’t, they fall apart.

Anyway, I foresee many memes in this woman’s future.

She went absolutely nuts and for what? Because somebody said something that she didn’t like? Because somebody said something politically incorrect at an event dedicated to challenging the constraints of political correctness?

This is the state of modern America. Sometimes it seems that reconciliation with the left is impossible when we see fanatical hypocrites like this.

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