Supremes Refuse to Hear Challenge to San Francisco’s Second Amendment Infringements

The second to last defense of the Second Amendment (before our guns themselves) is the Supreme Court, which supposedly exists to uphold the Constitution. It does not appear to be up to the job:

The Supreme Court has turned down another National Rifle Association-led appeal aimed at loosening gun restrictions and instead left in place two San Francisco gun laws.

The court on Monday let stand court rulings in favor of a city measure that requires handgun owners to secure weapons in their homes by storing them in a locker, keeping them on their bodies or applying trigger locks. A second ordinance bans the sale of ammunition that expands on impact, has “no sporting purpose” and is commonly referred to as hollow-point bullets.

Apparently the phrase “shall not be infringed” is too subtle for some of the Supremes.

Banning ammo because it has “no sporting purpose” is particularly alarming. The Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with sports. It refers to “security.” Security is not achieved with baseball mitts or tennis balls; it is achieved with deadly force.

The reason the completely irrelevant notion of “sporting purpose” has been shoehorned into the discussion is so that tyrannical demagogues like Andrew Cuomo can attack gun rights by bleating incongruously about how many bullets it takes to kill a deer. Obviously deer hunting is not so fundamental to human liberty as to warrant protection in the Bill of Rights.


On a tip from Mr. Mentalo. Hat tip: LibertyNEWS. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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