Texas Woman Makes It LOUD and Clear What Happens When You Break Into a Texan’s Home!

Texas Woman Makes It LOUD and Clear What Happens When You Break Into a Texan’s Home!

If liberals had their way, women wouldn’t be able to defend themselves in dangerous situations. Thankfully, the Second Amendment protects our right to own guns and thanks to that right, a Texas woman was able to stay alive when two men broke into her house.

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From Breitbart:

Over the weekend, a 61-year-old woman awoke to two suspects, unloaded her gun on them, and plans to buy “another gun” in case such an incident occurs again.

The woman lives in the vicinity of Terrell, Texas, but wishes to remain unidentified for her own security.

According to CBS DFW, the woman grabbed her gun when she heard the suspects in her home. Upon seeing them, she opened fire, shooting one in the stomach but emptying every bullet in her gun without hitting the second suspect.

She surmises that the suspects heard her gun as it began to “click” and realized she was out of rounds. At that point, the uninjured suspect allegedly began to beat her, leaving the woman with “a concussion and her face was covered with cuts and bruises.”

The woman called police after the suspects fled and the injured one — 21-year-old Saul Guzman — was quickly captured at Texas Regional Medical Center in Sunnyvale, seeking treatment for his gunshot wound. The second suspect — 21-year-old Pedro Guzman — was captured sitting in his car at a gas station across the street from the medical center.

The woman now says that she plans to buy a security system and another gun, so she can be prepared in case it happens again, although she might want to also invest in some shooting lessons too. Nevertheless, this is a prime example of why it’s so important for women to be armed: how else can they defend themselves against home invaders?

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