When LIBERALS Eat Their Own: THIS News Anchor SLAMS Obama Where It Hurts!

When LIBERALS Eat Their Own: THIS News Anchor SLAMS Obama Where It Hurts!

Obama has apparently forgotten all about how he was treated when he ran for president — or, he thinks he’s above being asked tough questions. Jake Tapper slammed him for not being friendly towards the press, which is true… and a strange way of thanking the press for covering for him over the last eight years.

Jake Tapper

From TheBlaze:

Speaking at a journalism awards dinner Monday night, Obama lectured the news media on how to cover the 2016 race. He praised reporters for asking him “really tough questions” during the 2008 election and argued journalism is more than simply giving a microphone to an individual.

While Tapper noted that Obama made “many salient points” in his speech, he contended that Obama’s administration has been anything but friendly to the press.

“Was President Obama the right messenger?” the CNN host asked before documenting the “media critic-in-chief’s” treatment of the press.

“Mr. President, with all due respect … Maybe, just maybe, your lecturing would be better delivered to your own administration.”

Maybe if Jake Tapper and his fellow journalists had done their job, we wouldn’t have ended up with a petulant brat in the White House who is rude to the press and can’t stand getting asked tough questions. Tapper can complain all he wants, but he created the monster — now he has to live with it.

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