Walmart REFUSED to Print an Engagement Picture They Called ‘Controversial’

Walmart REFUSED to Print an Engagement Picture They Called ‘Controversial’

An engagement is supposed to be a happy time, when a happy couple can celebrate the prospect of spending a lifetime together. One tradition is for engaged couples to get engagement photos taken — but when one couple went to Walmart to get their photos printed, they were turned away for a very strange reason.

Stephanie Wehner posed for engagement pictures with her fiance, Mitch Strobl. They went to Walmart to get 13 of the photos printed, but they received only 12 back. Instead, a note was attached: “MINUS ONE 5×7. NO WEAPONS.”

The photo in question had Wehner and Strobl posed together, with Strobl holding a 12-gauge Ruger Red Label over-and-under shotgun over his shoulder:

The employee allegedly told Wehner and Strobl that she thought the photo glorified “gang violence,” which was a violation of Walmart store policy. Wehner said that she was disappointed, because the picture “depicts our love for each other, and I wanted to be able to display those at the reception.” Wehner thought that the picture was “creative” and said that the Ruger was the first shotgun Strobl had purchased for himself. It is his favorite weapon to use when he goes hunting, she said.

And far from glorifying gun violence, Strobl is a responsible gun owner who creates manuals about hunter safety and outdoor recreation. To make the situation even stranger, Walmart sells guns — including rifles and shotguns by Ruger.

Ultimately, Walmart backed down and issued an apology to the couple, blaming the issue on the employee. “We had a new associate who was misinformed. Her actions are not consistent with our policy,” Walmart said in a statement. A spokesperson also added that Walmart has no policy that prohibits printing photos with guns in them. But that apology may have been too little, too late for this couple.

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