Liberals Pounce On Ivanka Trump Over This Picture!

Liberals Pounce On Ivanka Trump Over This Picture!

Ivanka Trump is no conservative — in fact, she leans quite liberal politically — but this hasn’t prevented liberals from tearing into her at every opportunity. And the only reason is because she is Donald Trump’s daughter and his right-hand woman. But all the same, the things liberals find to complain about with regards to Ivanka can still be stunning… like a seemingly innocuous photo of one of Ivanka’s children.

Ivanka frequently shares photos of her children on social media, including how Donald Trump’s time as President has affected their lives. Photos shared include her children — named Arabella, Joseph and Theodore — singing to the Chinese president, posing in the White House briefing room, having fun at the congressional picnic and more.

But one Instagram post got people riled up for some strange reason. In it, Ivanka’s daughter Arabella can be seen posing in front of a china cabinet in the White House.

Raise your hand if you're ready for the weekend?! ????????????

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Comments weren’t kind. “Will your child be one of the approximately 10 million Repeblicans (sic) who will be the worst affected by the repeal of Obamacare? You father is an abomination to the nation,” one person wrote. “Your family is UnAmerica as in — you couldn’t give a (expletive) about kids who aren’t a member of the ‘1 percent’ and I hate the way people give you a pass cause they can’t tell that you are fake.”

“When will she get her first plastic surgery? Will it be her nose or boobs first? Like mother, step-mother and step-grandmother, right?” another person wrote.

Another person sneered, “Instead of putting so much money into attire and photo ops why don’t you donate it to the poor who are hungry and living on the streets.”

Of course, it remains to be seen why these people bother to follow Ivanka on Instagram at all if she bothers them so much.

Do you think Ivanka’s photos are offensive?

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