81-Year-Old Gets Publicly Financed Sex Change

Letting the liberal ideologues who run the government take over healthcare may mean that people hospitalized with legitimate medical issues end up drinking the water out of flower vases so as not to die of thirst while waiting for a nurse, but at least it also allows 81-year-old men to undergo gruesome sex change mutilation at public expense. The liberal media is effervescent with approval:

A former RAF navigator has become the oldest person in Britain to have sex change surgery – at the age of 81.

The NHS op for Ruth Rose, once a man named James, drew criticism because of [his] age.


Ruth has only one regret about [his] sex change – [he] wishes [he] had bigger boobs.

Rose is the father of three and grandfather of four. His marriage of 42 years was evidently a casualty of his decision to fling himself into an abyss of psycho-sexual grotesquerie instead of getting the psychiatric help he so obviously needs.

He started pretending to be a woman 4 years ago, and then began with hormone “therapy.” Last July he had his genitalia chopped off at the urging of his doctor, who must not be familiar with the precept of “first do no harm.”

Although he claims to be delighted with his transformation, Rose admits that the procedure was “very painful.” That’s all too easy to imagine.

At least he spared taxpayers from having to buy him a faux vagina:

“It would have been ridiculous for me to ask for a vagina so I could go sleeping around. It would be inappropriate. I was offered it but turned it down.”

Once people would have considered men dressing up in women’s clothes and chopping off their male appendages to be inappropriate. But now we live in more enlightened times.

One nice thing about getting your sex change at age 81 is that you probably won’t live long enough to change your mind and want the taxpayer to finance changing it back again.

Mr. Rose in his transsexual splendor.

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