[VIDEO] Woman CONFRONTS Muslim Mob!

[VIDEO] Woman CONFRONTS Muslim Mob!

Watch this brave gal take on a Muslim mob in Britain:


Of course, we are reminded ad nauseum that Islam is a religion of peace. That very well may be, but the religion is also rife with people who are far from peaceful and we must be willing to confront this reality.
After decades of extreme measures to push for multiculturalism, Europe is now facing the consequences of having turned a blind eye to the dangers of radical Islam.
A brave Briton, Stacey Dooley, recently returned to her home in Luton, England, in order to document the effects of the tremendous influx of Muslims in her native community.
Encountering a protest where Muslims marched and threatened police in accordance with their well-known propensity for peace, Dooley confronted the Muslim protesters who insulted her and hid behind their rhetoric. After one tried to physically intimidate her, she reminded him that he could put his finger away, “because you’re not scaring me.”
In another scene, Dooley asks why the Muslims are not respecting the law of the land. The Islamic preacher claimed that if the law is Islamic, it will be respected. However, those who implement non-Islamic law will go to Hell and thus, no Muslim is obliged to respect non-Islamic laws.


and I thought I had guts. You go, girl! She is strong, and we need more citizens of Planet Human like her. What do you think? Could you or would you stand up to a Muslim Protest Mob?


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