Is This the BIGGEST PIMPLE OF ALL TIME? Watch Him Squeeze It [VIDEO]

Is This the BIGGEST PIMPLE OF ALL TIME? Watch Him Squeeze It [VIDEO]

These videos are disgusting, but somehow mesmerizing as well. Not recommended if you are eating, drinking or breathing. Just saying.

This one has to do with the drainage of a massive sebaceous cyst on someone’s body. I guess it is an abscess… so infection is a big deal here. They say this is the biggest cyst of all time and goes in the Guinness Book of World Records. Me… I just think it is morbidly gross.


From YouTube:

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The area around the cyst is red and obviously infected. Something like this can kill someone. They must be on a ton of antibiotics over this. I don’t understand why they let it go so long. That’s playing Russian roulette with your life. Not to mention the gross factor.

Watch away, but trust me… eat first or forego eating altogether. It may be a record, but it is vomit-worthy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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