Immigrant From Ghana Sues Because He Got Cold While Serving in British Army

Immigrant From Ghana Sues Because He Got Cold While Serving in British Army

Where the wimpification that is encroaching even upon the military meets the insatiably greedy entitlement mentality of some Third World immigrants, we find Gershon Rawlings:

A soldier born in Ghana is suing the Ministry of Defence for £200,000 claiming he got too cold on a military exercise in Wales.

It’s one thing to make white people drill in cold weather. Africans are different.

Gershon Rawlings, 33, has brought the negligence claim arguing his ethnicity made him more likely to suffer than other troops, the Sun reported.

His lawyers claim he suffered numbness and tingling in his feet after being made to sleep outdoors in a waterproof poncho.

In a writ filed at the High Court in London, Mr Rawlings says he was forced to remain out in ‘very cold and wet’ conditions during the two-week exercise.

Adding insult to injury,

When Mr Rawlings complained at the time of the exercise his Royal Artillery sergeant told him other soldiers were also cold and he should ‘man up’, it is alleged.

The horrors don’t stop there.

Mr Rawlings, who is now studying at university, says that during his exercise in Sennybridge, mid-Wales, he was not given sufficient hot food and drinks ‘on a regular basis’ to ward off the cold.

The Army had given him waterproof boots and afterward placed him on restricted duties due to his “non-freezing cold injuries,” but the oppression continued, as he was “required to work in open, cold garages,” presumably without a butler to bring him hot cocoa.

Imagine how much he would sue for if the Army had let the enemy shoot at him.

Gershon Rawlings
Poor Gershon.

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