Darling 6-Year-Old Was Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest

Darling 6-Year-Old Was Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest

They say sometimes you wear your heart ‘on your sleeve’, but for this adorable little girl, she was born with her heart outside her chest. She isn’t bitter, but a sweet reminder of all things wonderful in the world:


Virsaviya ‘Bathsheba’ Borun-Goncharova may look like a regular little girl to you at first. However, she has had a less that regular life. She suffers from the rare congenital disorder Penology of Cantrell – a lethal multiple congenital anomalies syndrome, categorised by a number of birth defects.

Its symptoms and severity vary greatly from case to case, effecting less than one in a million births. In this incidence, Virsaviga was born with both her heart and intestines outside of her abdomen and chest. She has no diaphragm and no stomach muscles, with only a thin layer of flesh covering her heart you can actually see it pumping.

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When Virsaviya’s mother, Dari, fell pregnant she was told her baby would never survive. But this little warrior wasn’t having any of it and she has been defying the odds ever since. She told NBC News: “I know why I have a heart outside, because Jesus wants to show that he can make special things like me.”

Virsaviya has been very positive about her illness, despite her set backs and countless hospital visits. The pair are originally from Russia, which according to her Crowdfunding page is not a place where doctors are experienced with treating the condition. Meaning that they have been forced to seek treatment from other places around the globe.

After being turned down by numerous doctors in numerous places worldwide Dari took the decision to take her daughter to the USA. On landing in Boston they were filled with hope; staff at Boston’s Children’s Hospital informed the pair that they were willing to help. However, they have since been told that Virsaviya is unable to undergo surgery for at least two years until her blood pressure lowers.

What a sweet angel. I hope this little darling gets all the medical help she needs – but we could all take a page from her on how to handle life when it throws us lemons.

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