Death Without Dignity in Socialist Hospital

As Big Government consolidates control of the healthcare industry under ObamaCare, we will come to know first-hand what the term “socialized medicine” means. In the meantime, we can just look over the border to Canada, or across the sea to England, where this picture was taken:


Background on the photo:

Nurses casually stepped over a patient as he lay dying on a hospital floor.

Peter Thompson, 41, was left in a corridor for ten hours before someone noticed he had passed away.

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In a final act of indignity, hospital auxiliaries pulled his lifeless body across the floor in a manner his family described as like ‘dragging a dead animal’.

Thompson’s death was determined by a coroner to be “wholly preventable.”

An inquest heard that the father-of-one, who had consumed a cocktail of drink and drugs, could have been saved had he received emergency treatment.

The hospital’s accident and emergency department was just 200 yards away.

Not to worry. The State has agreed to compensation for Thompson’s family, courtesy of British taxpayers. All better now.

No one in their right mind would want their health in the hands of government bureaucrats.

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