Doctors Say You Should ALWAYS Sleep On Your Left Side

Doctors Say You Should ALWAYS Sleep On Your Left Side

This is good news for me, because I primarily sleep on my left side. This doctor explains why you should. It helps with digestion and sets you up for what he calls a ‘big evacuation’ in the morning. Why, yes it does. It also helps your heart pump downhill and circulates your blood effectively throughout your body. Lying on your left helps your lymphatic system cleanse itself, thereby giving you a leg up so to speak in strengthening your immune system. It’s a great video and I highly recommend watching it. I have always instinctively lain on my left side and now I know why.

Left Side

From Viral Thread:

Hands up if you sleep on your left. Hands up if you sleep on your right. On your front? On your back? Or diagonally across the whole width of the bed? In terms of the latter, I am guilty as charged. Luckily, at the present, I haven’t got a man in my life to complain about my strange nocturnal habits – I’m probably one of the worst sleepers known to man. I sleep talk, fidget (a lot) and occasionally sleepwalk, what a nightmare (literally).

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The word on the sleeping street is that we should be thinking a little more about the position in which we rest our bodies when we are resting our eyes. Rumour has it that we should ALWAYS be sleeping on our left side. Why? Have a listen to the doc below to find out.

So guys and girls it’s all to do with gravity and how your digestive system operates when leaning on one side or the other. If you really think about it it makes perfect sense. So when you hop between the sheets tonight give it a go and see how you feel.

Some people will have to make a conscious effort to accomplish this. It’s all about gravity and what side of your body certain organs reside on. When I was younger, I preferred sleeping on my stomach, but as I got older, I naturally switched to my left side. I had wondered why going to the bathroom first thing in the morning was standard and now I know. Velcro is a bit too far, but you can make the effort and will probably adjust to it just fine. Doctors recommend this and if you think about it, it just makes common sense. So, snuggle up on your left side. It will do you a world of good.

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