One of America’s favorite and more importantly ‘trusted’ doctors has come out and said that when it comes to Hillary’s health, even he has some grave concerns. The talk of Hillary having health issues is really starting to look like it’s much more than just talk…especially now since another doctor has come forward with more information…


Last week, TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky said he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health. In an interview, Drew based his grave concerns on what he called an “exceedingly rare clot” sustained from her 2012 concussion and the “archaic” treatments she’s receiving.

Photos of Clinton appearing to require support just to stand up have swirled over social media, as has this video showing some pretty strange behavior which some say is a seizure.

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From Allen West:

However, another physician has gone on the record regarding Hillary’s health and says “it’s not a conspiracy theory.”

In an interview on Fox News, Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita says Clinton should be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians.

Lahita told Fox Business that he agreed with Dr. Drew on several points about Hillary’s health.

“This is a very unusual story with Hillary,” said Lahita, making reference to her suffering two blood clots, a stroke and post-concussive syndrome, which caused Hillary to have to wear special prism glasses to counter her double vision.

“The very fact that she’s having these clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting to say the least,” said Lahita.

Asked whether the concerns over Hillary’s health were objectively authentic regardless of politics or whether the leftist media were right to label the issue a conspiracy theory, Lahita responded, “I don’t think it’s a conspiracy.”

“You go back to the history of our presidents and we’ve had many presidents up until Lyndon Johnson who’ve concealed their health during their campaigns and it had dire effects for our country, going from Kennedy to Roosevelt, to Woodrow Wilson whose wife ran the White House for some time – so we have issues here and I think both candidates should be very forthcoming and perhaps have an impartial panel of physicians review the data and make that kind of decision before Americans go to the polls,” remarked Lahita.

Dr. Lahita also dismissed claims by the media that a summary released last year by Hillary’s personal physician Dr. Lisa R. Bardack saying she was in good health was enough to satisfy questions over Clinton’s fitness to serve as president.

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We keep finding more signs that there is something physically and/or mentally wrong with Hillary, and her minions keep coming up with more excuses. It’s a vicious cycle. However, what kind of excuse will they muster up when all her health issues catch up with her and she collapses or worse?

This is madness.

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