When You See This Version of ‘Amazing Grace,’ You’ll Immediately Know Why It’s Going VIRAL… [VIDEO]

When You See This Version of ‘Amazing Grace,’ You’ll Immediately Know Why It’s Going VIRAL… [VIDEO]

This version is nothing less than pure angelic. It is no wonder why this filmed performance is going absolutely VIRAL! This is a great version to show anyone who enjoys music, and more specifically, a beautiful song like ‘Amazing Grace’. You’ve got to check this out!


From AWM:

For whatever reason, men have always seemed to dominate the a cappella world. They started out as barbershop style threesomes who were hired to sing endearing songs to birthday recipients and they perform in groups anywhere from three to thirty. Huddles of men, belting out without backup can be found on sidewalks singing in big cities or in large theaters telling stories with their voices to huge audiences.

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Men dominated the scene, until nine women from a university in Provo, Utah formed an a capella group and paved the way for other females who have the vocals to perform free of background music. The group is called “Noteworthy,” and was originally founded in 2009, by a student at Brigham Young University.

They daintily saunter through the water, with nature surrounding their silhouettes, before they gather together in a long line and extend their vocals to the greatest capacity. Forming a V-shape in the water, the lead singer releases the well-known words while every other group member appears to be using their voices to make memorable beats and harmony.

The beauty of the background alone is enough to leave the viewer feeling at peace, with the flowing water and small movement of the tree branches as if they are arms reaching toward the delicate singers.

At the end of the video the girls light candles, enhancing the scene while slightly slowing the pace.

It’s quite amazing how nine very different people can join together and collaborate in a way that creates a beautiful sound.

When the video ends, the girls remain in the water, standing at peace as the water continues to flow around them.

Beautiful. Is there any other work to describe this?

I’ll be checking out more of their work.

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