VIDEO: Loving wife pops husband’s giant spot on his cheek that he’s had for 4 YEARS

VIDEO: Loving wife pops husband’s giant spot on his cheek that he’s had for 4 YEARS

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT and especially DO NOT WATCH while you’re eating!

An amazing and committed wife, Khristina Powell decided to save her husband from an unsightly 4 yr-old zit or boil on the middle of her husband Wade’s cheek. He winced in pain as the pimple erupted during a ‘battle’ that lasted for 3 minutes. She won the battle by digging her pink nails into each side of the spot pushing harder and harder, the cream cheese-like fluid then flew out of his face. When I say flew… I mean it erupted like Mt. Vesuvius. The explosion was so horrifying to me that I posted a HUGE warning before watching the video — just know you were warned!

The footage is absolutely disgusting and yet tender, as a loving woman popped her husband’s pimple for him. During the video you can see 28 yr-old Wade, wincing in pain as the pimple suddenly erupted into a yellow stream of pus under her brute force. It reached the grossest high-point when the fluid then flew out of his face, prompting the wife in a strong American accent to warn him that it may smell. Wade tried to lessen the pain by closing his eyes, but Khristina should be a contender for the unofficial ‘wife of the year’ award while she squeezed the angry zit in the middle of his cheek. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross!

The dedicated wife was determined to rid him of all his pus and continued to go back for more. At one point some of the cream cheese-like liquid streamed out of his cheek, leaving her with his blood on the end of her fingernails. Despite the pain he went through, Wade said, ‘It was an instant relief when it was over’.

The British Skin Foundation spokesperson Lisa Bickerstaffe warns: ‘It’s always worth seeking help from a doctor or dermatologist when dealing with spots like this to avoid scarring and possible infection’.

Good thing Wade’s wife finally convinced him to get rid of that nasty thing because it could have been worse. John Hawkins’ New book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, states in chapter 28 of the book: ‘Don’t stay in a bad situation because you are afraid of change’.

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