Bill Admits Hillary is Uncomfortable With Gay People & “Put Off” by Gay Rights

Bill Admits Hillary is Uncomfortable With Gay People & “Put Off” by Gay Rights

A new revelation might do even more damage to Hillary Clinton’s already floundering campaign. According to a friend of the Clintons, Hillary is not comfortable around gay people, and is “put off” by gay rights.

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President Bill Clinton confided to a close friend that his wife was ‘a little put off’ by gay rights in the run-up to her first Senate election.

In a soundbite from June 1999, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, author Taylor Branch is heard recalling a conversation he had just had with President Clinton, who expressed worry that Hillary Clinton found gay issues ‘harder to swallow’ than the president did and ‘it could be difficult for her in New York politics.’

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‘You know I’ve had much more contact in my life with gay people than Hillary has,’ Branch said Clinton told him. ‘I think she’s a little put off by some of this stuff.’

… It began with President Clinton returning to his chat with Branch after taking a phone call from his wife. Clinton reminded Branch that he had signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 something, he said, ‘I thought … was right at the time and I’m not sure that it is.’

‘Generally I support the gay agenda right down the line to the partnership act and the right to inherit and the right to be treated as a couple,’ Clinton continued, according to Branch.

‘He said, “this was hard for me and I’m sure there are a few things that are hard for me to swallow, but I think Hillary, emotionally speaking, still finds the issue harder to swallow than I do,”‘ Branch said. ‘It could be difficult for her in New York politics, how far she’ll be asked to go,’ Branch said Clinton suggested .

Talking into his tape recorder, Branch analyzed what he just heard.

‘Anyway, he mentioned that, it’s also, I think, saying that Hillary had kind of a conservative religious temperament and was not likely to be comfortable, I guess, around gay people who were kind of acting out, or pushing her to the limit,’ Branch said. ‘She did have general discomfort.’

Gay marriage is practically the sacred cow of liberalism — at the moment, anyway — so this could do a lot of damage to Hillary. How will Hillary be able to explain her way out of this one?

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