Clueless Clinton didn’t use passwords to protect her PC or Blackberry; what got out? [VIDEO]

Clueless Clinton didn’t use passwords to protect her PC or Blackberry; what got out? [VIDEO]

They are now claiming that Hillary Clinton didn’t use a password to protect her PC and used an unsecure personal BlackBerry to send private emails ‘because she’s clueless with computers’. Come on… is anyone buying that crap? You want this woman to be president and you claim she can’t even use a computer? In this day and age where everything is done via email and texting, and where computers are an integral part of everyday life… they want us to believe that Hillary doesn’t get how to use them. She’s a crafty lawyer and a politician… I think she understands the use of them perfectly and what to do to skirt the law and protect her sorry ass. They also say she would only use her personal Blackberry and not the government issued one – that isn’t incompetence… that’s plausible deniability. I can’t believe they are getting away with these lies.


From the Daily Mail:

The ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her family’s private email account for official business might lead some to believe that she is pretty tech-savvy.

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But in recent days a number of reports have emerged that suggest the the former Secretary of State is clueless when it comes to desktop computers.

In fact, she’s so out of touch with modern technology that she declined to use specially set up secure computers just so she could keep using her personal BlackBerry to send emails, The Daily Caller reported.

I think she just didn’t want to be bothered using a PC and she felt she didn’t have to follow the security protocols everyone else did. She also had stuff to hide. A lot of it. However, the allegations are coming from Lewis A. Lukens, a veteran 27-year foreign service officer at the State Department who served as the deputy executive secretary and executive director of the Office of the Secretariat from 2008 to 2011. Sounds like ‘cooked’ testimony to me. Lukens, as executive director of the executive secretariat for the State Department, said he was only trained once to handle documents under the Freedom of Information Act — in 1989 — when he first joined the department. He’s never had a refresher course in the years since that first training. Lukens displayed a great lack of curiosity about Clinton’s use of prohibited electronic devices. The State Department official also revealed that he routinely deleted official emails “to clear out space in my inbox.” He said he “kept files for various trips and things where I would keep e-mails until trips were over, but after trips were over I would often delete the files to clear — to clear out space in my inbox.” You’re telling me he didn’t know that was illegal? All this is bull crap and lies. I can’t wait for Hillary to rock that orange pantsuit behind bars.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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