Chinese firm behind “most racist commercial” had this to say about critics [VIDEO]

Chinese firm behind “most racist commercial” had this to say about critics [VIDEO]

My husband thought the ad was funny and innocent. I’m torn on this one. I have clients in China. They are wonderful people, but it took many years to earn their trust. They don’t believe in racial mixing or mixed marriages. Chinese culture is not like our culture and we have no business telling them what is racist and what isn’t. This is a Chinese commercial intended for the Chinese, not for Americans or Europeans. They see nothing wrong with this and it probably was innocent within their culture. I think it has been blown out of proportion. On one hand, you could call it racist and that it depicts a Chinese man as being preferable to a black man. But they are Chinese, so they would of course think that way. I didn’t find it offensive and I don’t think they should have retracted it.


From Metro:

The Chinese firm behind a ‘racist’ advert, which shows a black man turning into an Asian man after being washed, has said its critics are ‘too sensitive’.

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A rep from Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics also claimed the media had over-amplified the promo and the issue of racial discrimination never came up during the production of the video.

Despite this defence the company issued an apology and withdrew the advert following a backlash.

I think it is deplorable that even the Chinese are forced into political correctness this way. I am against the communists… but the Chinese people themselves are wonderful. I am saddened that the whole planet now is being forced to bow to the diktats of know-it-all elitists. We have much bigger issues to worry about than cute advertisements for laundry detergent and we should mind our own business instead of being offended at every stupid little thing. I’m surprised this firm backed down this way. I think they were trying to do the honorable thing, but I would tell them that with those that are professionally offended, you will never win. So, you might as well run your commercials and play to your audience, not the elitists out there. Racial prejudice is wrong, but not everything is about race. Way to overreact guys.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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