Did Hillary Sign The “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement”?

No one really seems to know if Hillary signed any of the required forms

(Daily Caller) Amid the many unanswered questions in the Hillary Clinton email scandal is whether the former secretary of state signed an official document acknowledging that she turned over all of the classified information in her possession to the State Department when she left office in Feb. 2013.

The “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” — Special Form 312 — also requires incoming government officials to acknowledge that classified information can be either “marked” or “unmarked” as such.

But finding out whether Clinton signed the document has been difficult.

The State Department declined to say whether she signed the form. The Daily Caller has also learned that the agency has not turned SF-312s for Clinton and several of her top aides over to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which requested them on Aug. 5.

Let me just note that the start of this article is a little confusing. The first paragraph is actually referring to Form 109, something all outgoing employees must sign, specifying that they have turned over all official records. State cannot say whether she signed it. In other words, they know she didn’t, and are stonewalling. Low ranking employees who have failed to sign it could have their pensions withheld.

Special Form 312 was something all government employees and contractors, licensees, and grantees must sign per Executive Order 13292 in 2003, building on an Order by Bill Clinton, later replaced by Obama with Executive Order 13292. So, it was a requirement for Hillary to sign it.

It also states that all employees must turn in all classified material upon separation from State.

The form presents a dilemma of sort. If Clinton did sign it when she took office, she acknowledged that there is no distinction between “marked” and “unmarked” classified information. If Clinton did not sign the document, then allowing her access to classified information would have violated federal regulations.

The form requires officials to attest that they understanding that classified information which they have access to “will remain the property of, or under the control of the United States Government unless and until otherwise determined by an authorized official or final ruling of a court of law.”

If she did sign it, failure to comply could lead to criminal prosecution and loss of security clearance. If she didn’t, this would once again show her complete lack of regard for following the rules.

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