EXCLUSIVE: BIll Clinton Alleged Rape Scene Witness Comes Forward With Details [VIDEO]

EXCLUSIVE: BIll Clinton Alleged Rape Scene Witness Comes Forward With Details [VIDEO]


Bill Clinton has been dodging allegations of rape and sexual harassment for decades. He has denied it over and over again, the media has covered for him and even so-called feminists have looked the other way, defended his actions and shifted blame onto his alleged victims. But no matter how hard he tries, he can’t make it completely go away. And now, a witness has just emerged with damning new details on the Juanita Broaddrick rape case.

Norma Rogers was a nurse who worked for Juanita Broaddrick. Broaddrick was working as a nursing home administrator and was a volunteer for Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign in 1978. Rogers and Broaddrick had traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas for an industry convention and were staying in the same room at the Camelot Hotel. Broaddrick had arranged to meet with Clinton in a coffee shop at the hotel to discuss nursing home issues, a detail that Rogers confirmed. “I just know when I left that morning it was my understanding that she was going to be meeting with Mr. Clinton downstairs in the coffee shop for a meeting that they had planned ahead of time to discuss nursing home issues,” Rogers recounted. But at the last minute, Clinton asked Broaddrick to meet in his hotel room instead.


We know now what Broaddrick says happened: she went to the hotel room and Clinton raped her. Rogers saw her immediately after the alleged attack and said that she found a very upset Broaddrick, who was crying. “And the thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut. And she just told me. She started then telling me the story of how he had just basically overtaken her and bit her lip in order to keep her quiet and to keep her from trying to leave or get away from him. And then she proceeded to tell me that he had pushed her onto the bed and had raped her,” Rogers said. “Her pantyhose were all ripped. And she was just in a terrible state. Crying and just, she began telling me, you know, what had happened.”

Broaddrick insisted on leaving right then, so the two women packed their things and left. But it wasn’t an easy drive. Her lips had what Rogers called “open spots” on them and the entire drive back, Rogers said that Broaddrick was crying. And Broaddrick blamed herself, Rogers said. But neither woman had any idea that Clinton was interested in Broaddrick for anything but professional reasons. Like many rape victims, Broaddrick thought it was her fault, that she should have been smart enough to know better. “[S]he was so afraid of people finding out and blaming her. There was just so many things going on and again seeing her in this state that she was in I just wanted to try to make her feel better if I could,” Rogers said. “So I just agreed that whatever she needed from me to do to help her to get through this that I would do this. Which her first thing to me was she did not want me to say anything to anyone and that’s what I agreed to.” They also had to repeatedly stop to get ice for Broaddrick’s lip, to keep it from bruising and swelling more than it already was.

And while some “feminists” have tried to poke holes in Broaddrick’s story, Rogers insists that she believed her completely. “There is no way that she could have acted the way that she was that day and there would have been no reason to. If something had gone on that was you know a consensual thing I don’t think I would have ever even known that it had occurred, but this was certainly nothing that she had a plan for nor agreed to,” she explained.

Broaddrick also claimed that in 1991, just weeks before he announced he was running for president, that Clinton sought her out to apologize profusely, saying he was a different person now. She originally thought he was sincere, until she heard about his presidential campaign. Rogers was at the industry meeting where this incident took place and again, she confirmed Broaddrick’s account. “She was gone for a while and when she came back she was white and she said, ‘You are never going to believe what that was about.’ And of course I had no idea. And she said that guy led me around to a stairwell and she said Bill Clinton was there waiting on me. Totally (sic) surprise to her also. And said to her, ‘I hope that you are not going to hold what happened against me.’”, Rogers said. “And of course I was not there but as best as I can remember she said, ‘Go to hell.’ And turned around and walked off. And then about two weeks later is when he announced his candidacy.”

Today, Rogers still remembers everything that happened and she doesn’t think very highly of him today. “I just feel like he is an actor,” she said. “He is a totally different person on the outside than what he is on the inside. I just… I have no respect. No respect at all for him.”

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