‘Hell No’: Fiery Exchange Sets Off Fuming Gowdy Who Interrupts Hillary Hearing to Demand… [VIDEO]

‘Hell No’: Fiery Exchange Sets Off Fuming Gowdy Who Interrupts Hillary Hearing to Demand… [VIDEO]


The House Oversight Committee was having a hearing on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, but when a key witness did not appear, Rep. Trey Gowdy exploded.

State Department IT specialist Brian Pagliano was one of three technicians who worked on Clinton’s e-mail server. While the FBI was investigating Clinton, Pagliano was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. He was then subpoenaed to appear as a witness for the Congressional hearing, but did not show up. “Where is the criminal liability?” Gowdy asked. He then directed his anger towards Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Lynch about the details of Pagliano’s immunity agreement. “Congress can’t prosecute anyone and the one entity who can has granted him immunity,” Gowdy said. Amusingly, Lynch tried to use the Constitution as an excuse for his ineptitude. “What we have done is put him under threat of criminal prosecution,” Lynch said. “It puts him in jeopardy coming before this committee while that criminal referral is in existence. He’s an American citizen. I know the Constitution gets in the way of this committee sometimes.”


But Gowdy wasn’t accepting his excuses. “I want to read the agreement between the Department of Justice and this witness and whether or not that agreement requires this witness to cooperate with other entities of government. That is commonplace! For them to say you can tell us the truth but you can’t tell Congress makes no sense!” Gowdy said. “That’s all I want.”

The House Committee Chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, was likewise not impressed. He pointed out that Pagliano’s immunity agreement, along with other documents, had been subpoenaed, along with Pagliano himself. And so far, nothing has been produced, because the FBI has been stonewalling the Congressional committee. Chaffetz is now saying that he will look into penalties for Pagliano.

But Pagliano wasn’t the only person from the Clinton team who refused to cooperate. Two other IT technicians, Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta, were subpoenaed to appear. And while the two of them managed to show up, they were less than helpful. Each of them refused to answer any questions, citing their Fifth Amendment rights.

The more Congress investigates Hillary’s e-mail scandal, the more it seems that the FBI blatantly covered up her crimes.

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