Famous actor DESTROYS Hillary Clinton with embarrassing picture

Famous actor DESTROYS Hillary Clinton with embarrassing picture

A famous actor posted this. It’s a picture that almost makes you feel sad for Hillary Clinton. Then you remember it’s Hillary Clinton and slowly release a mischievous chuckle. You just can’t feel bad for her if she attracts a crowd like this. People have become unsettled with her for quite some time.

Everything from Benghazi to private server emails have caused the general population to lose interest in her and eventually look at her with a sense of demise.

Her health is rumored to be an issue and people are suggesting that’s why she hasn’t been around as much as Donald Trump.

Actor James Woods posted a picture on Twitter to show what her crowds might typically look like. I’m pretty sure that a hologram of Harambe the gorilla could generate a bigger crowd than this.

Of course Twitter users posted clever replies.

hillary tweets 2 hillary tweets 3 hillary tweets

James Woods has no filter when it comes to Hillary Clinton, Democrats and liberals. He’s an NRA member and probably best known for his role in Casino, episodes of Family Guy and a lengthy list of appearances dating back to 1971.

It’s safe to say that James Woods might draw a better audience with his worst film. If this really is the type of crowd that Hillary Clinton can conjure, then one must believe that Donald Trump will win in a landslide and become President of the United States.

How can Hillary win if she can only muster a dozen fans to her appearance?

Trump has filled venues with sold out crowds, even with violent leftist protesters trying to ruin his moments.

It doesn’t seem like too many people protest Hillary Clinton events because there’s not a big enough audience.

What would a protester do to the crowd in the picture above? Ask them gently to leave? Ask them if there’s any free beer left?

It’s slowly becoming very sad for Hillary Clinton and her campaign for POTUS.

Most people are fine with that.

This is her typical crowd.

room full of people who care

This might be her if she loses the election to a landslide victory to Trump.

room full of people who care 2

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