Brainless thug tries to murder cop, but then something amazing happens

Brainless thug tries to murder cop, but then something amazing happens

A brainless thug tried to shoot and kill a St. Louis police officer, but then something extremely amazing happened that helped the cop be victorious in a wild west shootout.

Two officers were trying to pull over a Nissan that was speeding through a neighborhood, but the driver of the Altima didn’t cooperate. Eventually the driver did what they always do on reruns of COPS, they got OUT of the car and ran on foot like they’re some urban version of Usain Bolt. And as you know from watching COPS, the suspects end up two ways – dead or in cuffs.

In this incident, there were also two other perpetrators in the Nissan Altima. One police officer apprehended those while the other officer chased the runner on foot.

The runner thought of another genius plan and shot his gun at the officer in pursuit.

That’s when something amazing happened. The first shot missed the officer, but then the suspect’s gun malfunctioned as they tried firing more shots to kill the officer.

The officer took his shot and put the suspect out of his misery.

ST Louis Police incident

KMOV – Chief Sam Dotson said in a press conference the incident started after 7:30 p.m. when two officers driving in a marked police car tried to pull over a Nissan Altima with out-of-state plates. Police had received several reports of the Altima speeding in the Baden Neighborhood. The driver of the Altima did not pull over and continued driving for at least two blocks on Gimblin Road in north St. Louis. When the car stopped in the middle of the road, the driver got out of the vehicle and ran.

The police officer driving the Tahoe pursued the suspect on foot while the other officer took the two passengers in the Altima into custody. As the suspect ran towards a home, he turned and fired at least one shot at the officer. After the initial shot, the officer returned gunfire striking and killing the suspect.

Chief Dotson said based on the investigation, the suspect attempted to fire additional shots, but the gun malfunctioned. At least one shell casing was found at the scene and the shell casing matched the gun that was also found at the scene.

Police say the man killed was 38-years-old, a convicted felon, and wanted for parole violations.

The suspect who was shot made several mistakes.

Don’t speed around neighborhoods with out of state plates, because that makes you look suspicious.

Don’t get out and run on foot like you’re a track star and the police won’t catch you. They always catch you at some point.

Don’t turn your parole violation charges into a “shoot at police and end up dead” incident.

The man could still be alive and serving his parole violations and maybe fix his life after that.

But now he has no life.

sam dotson

Chief Dotson says this trend needs to stop.

“This is the second time this week that criminals in the community thought it was okay to shoot at police officers, armed with guns, firing at police officers. That has to stop.  It’s putting our community at risk, it’s putting our officers at risk.  We have to do better than that,” Dotson said.

He’s right. If a person is pulled over for something minor, then don’t shoot at police and turn the crime into something major – or worse. Cops will shoot back and they’re allowed to do that. They have no problem putting a slug in a thug who think they’re above the law.

I happily pay my taxes and support the police every time they put one of these thug losers in the ground.

One less criminal to worry about.

Don’t shoot at police.

It’s not that hard to follow the law.

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