Social justice warrior fights with Lyft driver, mistakes popular car item as RACIST [VIDEO]

Social justice warrior fights with Lyft driver, mistakes popular car item as RACIST [VIDEO]

Social justice warriors are best known for embarrassing themselves. Things were no different when this flighty airhead SJW entered a Lyft vehicle and began a fight over a “dancing hula” doll that’s often found on people’s dashboards.

The woman who began the fight by assuming the doll was racist is known as Annaliese Nielsen and she’s also part of a Facebook group for just girls, where the girls are handpicked and everyone pretends to be friends because they’re losers in real life who have no real friends.

Someone found the video of the Lyft fight over a racist hula doll, that’s not actually racist, and shared it with Libertarian activist Lauren Southern, who then took the video viral.

Watch the video.

As you can tell the passenger in the Lyft vehicle is super annoying. She’s a 12 on a scale of one to ten in terms of how annoying a human can possibly be.

She thinks Hawaii is a continent, insults the driver numerous times and says she’s going to put the man on Gawker.

This is so unintelligent that it’s hard to laugh at. Hawaii is the 50th state of America and technically listed as a volcanic archipelago out in the vast Pacific Ocean, but I can see how a bobble-headed SJW might think it’s a continent.

She also missed that massive news story where Gawker announced it was hanging up the keyboard thanks to the Hulk Hogan lawsuit.

dancing hula doll

BizPacReview – “You’re gonna be on Gawker,” the woman says with a laugh, indicating the video predates Gawker’s high-profile shutdown earlier in August. “You’ll be, like, the next Internet meme.”

Despite only being in the man’s car for the length of a single taxi ride, the woman says she has the right to demand the doll’s removal because “it’s a thing that actually affects my life, and a thing that doesn’t affect your life.”

When another passenger comes to the driver’s defense and suggests the woman’s complaints are “pathetic,” the woman responds by demanding to know the passenger’s full name, presumably for later Gawker-related activities.

Ironically, Nielsen also accuses the driver of being “very rude and extremely entitled.”

“I’m sorry that you have no consideration for actual Hawaiian people who don’t want to be a bobblehead item in your car while you’re driving for Lyft,” she says. “You f*cking selfish dumb*ss idiot.”

The only reason this Lyft driver would ever be on any website, is for what we’re talking about today, which is to show the world what a spoiled idiot SJW this woman is.

It’s sad that there’s people who are this out of touch with reality that they think a little Hawaiian toy, popular just about everywhere, is a racist item.

If the Lyft driver had a black person picking cotton on his dashboard, then we’d have a different story.

Or maybe if he had a miniature gas shower with Jewish people and Hitler on his dashboard, then we’d have a different story.

The “Hula girl” is nothing more than a tourist item that has absolutely zero racist connotations. It’s a harmless item that everyone recognizes.

Is the woman throwing a fit because she’s projecting her own self destructive racism upon him?

Maybe she’s racist, but she hides it by calling other people racist.

It might explain why she has a Facebook group to find friends on, because maybe there isn’t anyone in real life who can tolerate talking to her.

Would you be friends with her?

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