Fmr Clinton Campaign Manager: I Don’t Think the Russia Investigation Is a Winning Message for 2018

Fmr Clinton Campaign Manager: I Don’t Think the Russia Investigation Is a Winning Message for 2018

When the former campaign manager of one of the biggest Democrats of our time is saying that perhaps it’s time to let the whole Russia thing go, you know that you are in for a world of hurt come mid-terms. That was all they really had against President Trump at the beginning of his leadership, and now that a year has passed and no additional damning information has come to light as a result of a serious investigation, Dems are going to need a hail Mary if they expect to retake a majority in either or both chambers of Congress.

Robby Mook is admitting that running on “Russia, Russia, Russia,” probably won’t win over any voters in 2018. He said that the voters are looking at how politicians are spending their time and what they are working on and the Mueller tree isn’t bearing any fruit.

“I don’t think the Russia investigation is a winning message,” Mook admitted. “Voters are — they watch, and they look to see what your priorities seem to be, what you’re spending your time on and what your focus is.

“This is why the Republicans are looking to have a fight over immigration,” he continued. “They want to send a signal to voters that Democrats are not focused on the voters. They’re focused on immigration and that sort of thing and, obviously, it’s an important issue, but the Republicans see that as a helpful wedge for their base. I think Democrats need to run on what everybody always needs to run on, which is—what are you doing for the voters, what’s in it for them, how will you help their lives?”

The fact that Democrats have to be reminded to that hey have a commitment to the people who elected them tells you everything you need to know about who they are and what they’re really focused on. And it’s not making life easier for Americans.

“We’re still facing the same challenges as we saw in the last election, which voters don’t think politicians are helping them, they think they’re helping special interests and not themselves, and this tax bill is a perfect example of this,” Mook concluded. “It’s a boom for billionaires, corporations. They created a permanent, massive tax cut for big corporations and they raised taxes on the middle class. It’s incredible.”

Unless Democrats can convince their base that they’ve been fighting hard for their interests in Congress and not just banking on impeachment, they’re going to have a bad time.

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