Top MSNBC Host Hit With Shocking Allegations

Top MSNBC Host Hit With Shocking Allegations

Oh boy, it looks like the purge of men in powerful positions isn’t going to end any time soon, with MSNBC host Chris Matthews coming under fire for his mistreatment of female staffers and guests. A Daily Caller report indicated that 5 women are making various claims of inappropriate and/or abusive behavior against Matthews.

Two of the accusers were producers who had worked with Matthews in the past and the three others had been guests on his show, “Hardball.”

According to the women, he repeatedly made inappropriate comments about them and behaved as a “tyrant,” quick to berate a female for doing anything that he thought was “wrong” or “incorrect.”

He also routinely objectified female guests by making crude comments about their bodies and clothing.  Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from someone like Matthews.

“He would eye down a woman who walked on set or comment on their features or what they were wearing,” said one woman.

“He would objectify them and interrupt them in a way that he would never do to his male guests,” she continued. “He has a very outdated view of women.”

The other producer referred to his behavior as that of a “teenage boy” and accused him of ranking his female guests based on their appearance, and making one “hottest of the week.”

But this wasn’t behavior that was saved for guests. She claims that the women who worked for him received the same treatment, noting that she herself had been on the subject of a lot of his crude jokes and comments.

Two sources also claim that an assistant producer complained of sexual harassment and was paid $40,000 as compensation by Matthews. She was also given a generous bonus as part of her severance package.

Other sources commented on how abusive he was toward his female staff, with many of them referring to them as “battered women.” None of the women involved wished to be identified and I’m sure you can imagine why.

“Sadly, I know other women who won’t even be an anonymous source regarding Chris because they’re concerned about the door closing on career opportunities in media,” said one of the producers.

Both confirmed that Matthews would regularly burst into vulgar tirades at even the slightest provocation.

What do you think? Should Matthews be fired as a result of this report? Or should he be allowed to say on television until these claims are proven? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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