We GOT ‘EM! Hillary OK’d Plans Putting $500K Into Bill’s Pocket – While She Was Secretary of State

The words “corrupt” and “Clinton” are practically synonymous, but the things revealed as her e-mails have been released somehow still maange to be shocking. Take, for example, her pay-to-play schemes while she was still Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton

From Young Conservatives:

Over the last few months, we have learned a lot about how these two operate.

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Check out this latest development that was discovered by The Daily Caller.

From Daily Caller:

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly defended an embattled banker during an official visit to Bangladesh while Clinton Foundation officials tried to steer money from an Abu Dhabi oil company into the banker’s coffers.

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation traced the convoluted payment by TAQA — formally known as the the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company — to Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank. Yunus is a long-time friend and Clinton Foundation donor.

The oil company deal eventually put as much as $500,000 into President Bill Clinton’s pockets via a speaking fee he got in Scotland.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have seen plenty of other situations like this that were brought to light by “Clinton Cash“.

This is how they operate.

Just imagine what it will be like when Hillary has the presidency as a bargaining chip. How much money will Bill get for “speaking fees” then?

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