Black Lives Matter Protester Gets Hit By Angry Citizen’s Car – CRIES For the Police (VIDEO)

It’s funny how Black Lives Matter protesters demonize the police so often, yet still expect police to be there to help them whenever they need it. Take this guy, who was hit by a car while blocking the street… and immediately cried for the police.


From News Ninja:

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Honestly, it was only a matter of time before drivers started taking matters into their hands with protesters who decide they want to stand out on the highway or in the middle of the street and stop ongoing traffic. But that wasn’t the end of the story as it seems a drive-by shooting happened immediately after the accident. The person recording the situation crying out for the police she said were standing across the street watching what was going on but was taking no action.

What would you have done you were in that predicament?

The thing is, no matter how awful Black Lives Matter protesters are to police, officers will still always show up for them, no matter what. Maybe these protesters should try for a little gratitude.

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