Hillary Has Plan For Prescription Drugs, Called Big Big Government Mandates

Ask a Democrat for a plan on anything and the answer is always “More Government!” Witness

(USA Today) Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will roll out a plan to rein in prescription drug costs by forcing pharmaceutical companies to reinvest their profits into research and allowing for more generic and imported drugs.

This seems based due to

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Greedy, or just a company that refuses to lose money anymore?

Regardless, there are lots of reasons why drugs in the U.S. cost so much. For one thing, it can cost a lot of money, in the billions sometimes, to develop a drug, do all the research and testing, get it through clinical trials and the FDA, then get it to market. Oh, and Government intervention also increases costs. Sure, some companies are “greedy”, but most are reasonable.

The last thing we need is more government intervention, especially as pushed by a greedy presidential candidate who makes hundreds of thousands on short speaking engagements, along with all the other money raked in through her “foundation”. Big Pharma certainly reinvests a portion into more R&D. The other portion goes to things like paying people, including shareholders. They probably reinvest more than the Clinton Foundation does.

One part of her bullet point plan doesn’t seem Big Governmenty, though it is

Allow Americans to import drugs from abroad. Countries in Europe with similar safety standards often pay half of what American pay for the same drugs, according to the campaign.

There are reasons why many of those drugs cost less: refer to link above in “Government intervention”. Democrats have voted against this notion many, many times. Then we get

Encourage the production of generic drugs including lowering the amount of time companies can exclusively produce new treatments.

In other words, Government would pull the patents quicker after companies have spent billions for their work. This is exactly the wrong way to do it, since many pharmaceutical companies try to recoup their costs quicker due to an already short period of patent time.

Oh, and Bored Grandma will announce plans on dealing with out-of-pocket expenses Wednesday. Who wants to bet they revolve around More Big Government?

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