White House Is Surprised By Increased Border Crossings

If you tell everyone to come and get free stuff from your business, should you be surprised when lots of people show up?

(The Hill) The United States saw a spike last month in the number of unaccompanied minors and families illegally crossing the southern border, the White House said Monday.

“We have seen, just in the last month, in the month of August, a surprising uptick,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

While this is certainly less than last year’s massive influx, August is supposed to be a slower month, due to the heat. But, hey, when you have an administration and a political Party constantly pushing to legalize illegals, promising them all sorts of things (at the expense of the American taxpayer), refusing to enforce existing laws, more and more will continue to come and attempt to cross the border. They know that the majority will never be sent back. How many of last years inflow were deported? How many have simply disappeared into the country after being told to appear in court? Heck, how many are still receiving government assistance?

Czechoslovakia built a fence to stop the flow of “refugees” in two days. Granted, a much smaller border. Yet, the U.S. doesn’t seem capable of finishing the border wall over decades. And the worst thing is the promise from Democrats, some Republicans, and the President to help all the illegals who make it here out, providing them education, medical care, driver’s licenses, etc, and looking to legalize them quickly.

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