HILLARY’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Trump to Appoint Independent Counsel to Clinton Foundation [VIDEO]

HILLARY’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Trump to Appoint Independent Counsel to Clinton Foundation [VIDEO]

Donald Trump railed against Hillary Clinton’s corruption frequently throughout the presidential campaign. During one of the debates, he even threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to ensure that she was imprisoned for her crimes. Some people criticized him for that statement, while others applauded it. But is he now making good on that promise?


Hillary Clinton’s corruption isn’t just limited to her private e-mail server. The Clinton Foundation is a non-profit organization that is, in actuality, a criminal organization. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton used it as a “pay-for-play” scheme to swindle money from foreign leaders in exchange for access to the State Department through Hillary. It’s been alleged that the Clinton Foundation serves as nothing more than the vehicle through which the Clintons launder money.

Bernard Hoyt is a former police detective who now works as a corporate security investigator. “As far as I’m concerned, pay-to-play is just a fancy or politically correct way of saying bribery. The scam can be as simple as two people talking and one receives an envelope full of cash, while the other benefits from obtaining something he isn’t legally entitled to,” Hoyt said. He explained how the Clintons used their foundation for their own gain.

First, they needed to find a foreign country that did not do much oversight when it comes to non-profit organizations — for the Clintons, that was easy. They opened a foreign office in Canada.

Next, foreign officials give money to the “charity.” Over 1,000 people donated hundreds of millions of dollars, which Canadian Clinton pal Frank Giustra “bundled” the separate donations before making a large donation to the Clinton Foundation. Hoyt speculates that they avoided protection by taking advantage of a Canadian law that keeps the identity of individual donors anonymous.

The Clinton Foundation then would use some of the money for actual charity work — experts estimate approximately 10% – 15%. But most of it goes to Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, so they can continue to enjoy their opulent lifestyle, high salaries and tax-free travel. Chelsea’s wedding, including her honeymoon, was charged to the Clinton Foundation, for example. In just one year, over $8 million was spent in travel expenses.

So when Trump promises to investigate the Clinton Foundation, it’s a move that is frankly long overdue.

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