Hours Before Trump’s Syrian Strike, Hillary Makes Biggest SHOCK Announcement in Months

Rumors continue to fly about Hillary Clinton’s future and Thursday, she finally broke her silence about what her plans will be. Just hours before Donald Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria, Hillary admitted that she has no plans to run for public office ever again.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Hillary was speaking at the Women in the World Conference, where she put to rest the speculation that she would attempt a run to be mayor of New York City. “I am looking at doing interesting things,” Hillary said. “I don’t think that will ever include running for office again.” Previously, consistent rumors said that she was considering challenging incumbent Bill de Blasio in the upcoming mayoral election.

This is the first time Hillary has denied running for mayor of New York City; sources close to her had hinted that it wouldn’t happen, but the rumors persisted regardless.

She also spoke about the November election and why she thought she lost. “In this election, there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcome and exciting to so many Americans and change that is worrisome and threatening to so many others,” she said. “You layer on the first woman president over that, and I think that some people — women included — had some problems.”

While Hillary said she would not seek public office again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be completely finished with politics. She hinted that she might work behind-the-scenes more, helping other women to build political careers. She spoke about that idea on Thursday, something she had previously talked about in March. “Let us hope there is a wave of young women running for office in America,” she said in a speech. “And let’s be sure we support them in every way we can. Let’s help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up.”

Are you glad Hillary won’t run for office again?

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