Hillary Clinton may think she has the election in the bag, but she would be wise not to count her chickens just yet. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Donald Trump leading her by 1 point in the general election. I don’t have much faith in polls overall, but I can tell you the race is tightening. Neither candidates is liked out there, but it’s a pretty sure bet Clinton is feared more.

This last nine weeks before Americans head to the polls is notorious for political black swan events. If there is a terrorist attack or an economic collapse (both very real possibilities), Trump will win the presidency and it will be all over for Hillary. If Trump does not lead by a substantial margin, Clinton’s minions will utilize voter fraud to get her in. Clinton’s health is not good… she could simply drop dead before the election, but then so could Trump. That’s something only God has control over.

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From the Daily Mail:

What could go possibly go wrong? (Or right?)

It’s the Labor Day question that keeps presidential candidates up at night.

Nine weeks from Election Day, the electoral math favors Democrat Hillary Clinton. But both Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump know there are countless ways the trajectory of this uncommonly volatile presidential campaign still could shift in unexpected ways.

A health scare. An inopportune remark. A blockbuster debate. A WikiLeaks bombshell. An extremist attack.

Even without a wildcard like Trump in the mix, history shows there’s no anticipating all the ways late developments can affect a race.

If the Russians get their way, WikiLeaks will drop a killer load on Clinton just before the election. Russia wins with either candidate, but make no mistake… they prefer Trump.

Clinton is watching her remarks and words much more closely than Trump. If Trump says something that is severely egregious, it could cost him the election. But after watching his die hard fans, I don’t think that will happen. Both candidates are scandal ridden – Clinton much more so than Trump and it doesn’t seem to affect either of them.

Trump is a wild card – he’s a loose cannon and make no mistake… Clinton fears him. He is totally unpredictable which works in his favor during this election season.

4% of the electorate are still undecided. 9% say they could change their minds. Hillary is not a done deal here… it is very possible Trump could still win. With these two, it’s almost a race to the bottom, but the Hildabeast is her own worst enemy and the more she pushes communism, the more attractive to a desperate electorate Trump becomes. America is getting ready to rumble.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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