Kat Timpf DESTROYS Hillary on Twitter ‘I Will Not Stop Talking About This’ [Read]

Kat Timpf DESTROYS Hillary on Twitter ‘I Will Not Stop Talking About This’ [Read]

Katherine Timpf, Fox News contributor turned to her Twitter account Tuesday to sharply criticize Hillary Clinton over how she treated the women who accused President Bill Clinton of sexual assault. She seriously rips a new one on Hillary and all her minions and calls major BS on Hillary’s ‘woman card’:

kat timpf

Timpf, who also writes for the National Review, listed multiple incidents where Clinton called into question the character of women who accused her husband of sexual wrongdoing.

“Ohhhhh but you’re a ‘feminist’ huh?” Timpf sarcastically asked.

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The Fox News contributor said she wasn’t going after Bill Clinton, but instead calling into question how Hillary treated the women who made the accusations against him.

This is not the first time that Timpf has ripped the Democratic frontrunner over this issue. On Christmas Eve, she blasted Clinton on the topic and said she was sickened women would support her in light of this “hypocrisy.”

Over the past week, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has also sought to make this a campaign issue, warning Clinton that he will zero in on it if she tries to paint him as a sexist.

I have to say as a woman, I agree 100%. I do NOT want this fake feminazi representing anything that I stand for. She has torn down and belittled other women when she wanted to defend her philandering husband. Just disgusting. No thank you. #WhyImNotVotingForHillary


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