Kellyanne SHUTS DOWN Hillary’s Attempt to Attack Trump

Kellyanne SHUTS DOWN Hillary’s Attempt to Attack Trump

Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump and for the most part, she’s kept a low profile. But she’s slowly been re-emerging into the public eye and she hasn’t been shy about snark aimed at Trump. Hillary didn’t waste any time celebrating a federal appeals court decision to put a freeze on his executive order — but Kellyanne Conway quickly fired back.


After the news broke that Trump’s executive order banning travel or immigration into the United States from seven Muslim countries was shut down by the courts, Hillary took to Trump’s favorite medium to respond: Twitter.

Three judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit rejected a request from the Justice Department to lift the restraining order on the executive order. Hillary’s tweet was quite the burn — but Kellyanne Conway burned her right back.

Ouch. Hillary’s going to be hurting from that one, too. Looks like Hillary is 3-0, too. Except her three losses cost her a lot more than Trump’s losses have, so far, cost him.

Who do you think won this fight?

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