OUTRAGEOUS Reason Liberals Demand “LEGO MOVIE” Boycott – And Why It’s Failing

OUTRAGEOUS Reason Liberals Demand “LEGO MOVIE” Boycott – And Why It’s Failing

The first Lego movie was a massive success, so it’s not surprising that the filmmakers would create a sequel. “The Lego Batman Movie” premieres this weekend and inexplicably, liberals are calling for a boycott. But you won’t believe the reason why.

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Gersh Kuntzman wrote at the New York Daily News that liberals should boycott the movie because it was executive-produced by Steve Mnuchin. Why does that matter? Because he is also Trump’s nomination for Secretary of the Treasury. Somehow, the film’s success, according to Kuntzman, is a slap in the face to the American public, because of Trump’s “billionaires only” cabinet.

“The lines between public service and wallet padding have been blurring since even before the Clintons rented out the Lincoln Bedroom and the Bushies made Halliburton an arm of government. But Trump and his itchy Twitter finger have brought it to a new level,” Kuntzman complained. “So if you’re upset that he’s turning the White House into a cash machine for his cronies, you have only one choice this weekend: Boycott ‘The LEGO Batman Movie.'”

So basically, because liberals don’t like Donald Trump, no one should take their kids to see a fun movie, even though Kuntzman himself gave the original Lego movie a four-star review. A successful sequel will put more money into Mnuchin’s pocket, which evidently would be the worst thing ever. But it’s not just “The Lego Batman Movie” you’ll have to boycott!

“And while you’re at it, you’ll have to stop downloading other Mnuchin-produced films as ‘Sully,’ ‘American Sniper,’ ‘Black Mass,’ ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ the original ‘LEGO Movie’ or ‘Batman v. Superman’ (OK, no worries there; NO ONE is paying to see that!),” he said. “And you’ll have to skip dozens of future movies that Mnuchin’s company, RatPac-Dune, has in the pipeline with Warner Bros., with whom it inked a $450-million financing deal in 2013.”

Kuntzman then whined that Mnuchin’s successful production company was not a factor at his confirmation hearing. Yet somehow, Kuntzman’s problem isn’t that Mnuchin is rich… or so he claims.

“Mnuchin is certainly rich. But that’s no crime; pretty much all Secretaries of the Treasury have been really really rich, which suggests that the ‘treasury’ in question isn’t the nation’s but their own. But I digress (not!),” Kuntzman wrote. “And I’m not objecting to the fact that a Hollywood executive producer will become the steward of our nation’s finances. Indeed, Mnuchin’s latest movie is about a raging, friendless, emotionally stunted, delusional vigilante who literally and figuratively has walled himself off from all the ‘losers’ in the real world.”

Mnuchin has said that he will divest himself from his business if confirmed, but Kuntzman is still upset. Why? He doesn’t really give a good reason, other than the fact that Trump nominated him and so therefore, no one should go see his movies. Ever.

Liberal logic, folks.

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