LEAKED! Secret Video Of Hillary And A Black Man Is Going To COST All Her Votes…

LEAKED! Secret Video Of Hillary And A Black Man Is Going To COST All Her Votes…

This is a story that actually happened a year ago as Clinton was campaigning against Bernie Sanders and trying to win support from Black Lives Matter. The video shows a tense conversation between Hillary Clinton and the head of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM had a whole list of grievances, but mass incarceration was at the top of their demands. Ironically, just a year later, instead of focusing on defeating Clinton, the Republicans are zeroing in on fulfilling Obama’s jailbreak scheme. For some reason, the video is now front and center on the political front, probably to highlight the very real racism of Hillary Clinton as opposed to the racism of Donald Trump.

The video shows just how arrogant, dismissive and condescending Clinton is to Black Lives Matter. I’m not standing up for those racist thugs either… they are the ultimate racists here. There’s enough thick irony and racism to go around both sides many times over.


From GOP The Daily Dose:

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Hillary Clinton has claimed to be the champion of black Americans, mocking Donald Trump’s efforts to reach out to a community that has been lagging behind both economically and academically since President Barack Obama assumed the Oval Office. This shocking new video reveals Clinton’s complete lack of humanity when actually talking to a black voter expressing concerns about his community.

Not only Hillary’s condescending words but her entire dismissive demeanor were revealed in the awkward exchange between the career politician and the black voter in this now viral video.

“If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people,” Hillary interjects when the man is trying to explain how members of the black community view a pressing issue they feel negatively impacts their daily lives.

What struck me in this video is how Clinton constantly nods and acknowledges this guy. It’s like she would rather be anywhere else and is bored and ticked that she has to speak with him.

Hillary Clinton has no true interest in the black community. She’s an elitist a globalist. But before you crow about Donald Trump, I don’t believe he does either. Both sides are using race for political gain and I find it disgusting. We have sunk from debating and defending issues, to pandering on an epic scale.

I will say this though, this video could end up costing the Hildabeast votes. And if it really did cost her all her votes, I would be doing a snoopy dance. Right up until the moment that I remembered that would make Donald Trump president. #WorstElectionEver

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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