This is ONE Anti-Hillary Ad That RULES Them ALL! [VIDEO]

This is ONE Anti-Hillary Ad That RULES Them ALL! [VIDEO]

One of the biggest issues surrounding Hillary Clinton is trust. Can Americans trust her? It’s a big weakness for her campaign and she knows it. And a new ad just hit that weakness dead on.

A high production value is obvious in this heavy-hitting ad, which features ominous background music as, one by one, Clinton’s many scandals are spotlighted.


Benghazi. The Russia “reset” button. Her e-mails. Lack of transparency. Terrible diplomacy. It’s a parade of Clinton’s worst hits and it reminds Americans of just why Hillary would be so terrible for America. How can we elect a president that is so completely and totally untrustworthy?


It comes across like a movie trailer, but unfortunately, this isn’t a new political thriller. It’s real life. Hillary has gotten away with a lot over the years, from lying and stealing to corruption and cover-ups. The question is, will we allow her to get away with the presidency, too?

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