IT’S WORKING! NFL Ratings are Dropping Like MAD Following Athlete Protests [VIDEO]

IT’S WORKING! NFL Ratings are Dropping Like MAD Following Athlete Protests [VIDEO]

Colin Kaepernick started a trend of refusing to stand for the National Anthem and like a disease, the idea spread quickly. More and more NFL athletes followed his lead, kneeling or sitting in protest to show their objection to “oppression” in the United States. They didn’t realize how badly it would backfire.


NFL ratings have been dropping like a rock since the protests started. They’re actually the lowest ratings the NFL has seen in seven years. Apparently, people don’t want to be preached at by a bunch of overpaid man-babies whining while they cash their multi-million dollar paychecks. There’s more focus now on the protests than on the game itself and NFL fans just aren’t interested.

NFL commentator Jason Whitlock talked about the low ratings and the protests, and he wasn’t surprised.

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“This fists in the air, the disrespect for the flag, the bringing up — the unnuanced, unfair demonization of police. Because again, name me as a black person. Do I want to be judged as a group by the worst behavior of a few black people, the way we’re judging the police based on the worst behavior of a few people?” he said. “We are demonizing the entire police force, and Kaepernick has done that with the socks and some of his statements. It’s an unnuanced attack which makes people uncomfortable, and I do believe people will push away from football after this.”

It’s one thing for a football player to choose to protest outside of a game. But people don’t watch football games so they can see a live-action political protest. They have NPR and CNN for that. People don’t watch ESPN to see that.


Liberals just don’t get it. They’re completely out of touch with the average American, so while they’re cheering on these idiotic protests, Americans are tuning out. Kaepernick and his band of merry idiots can keep kneeling all they want — it’s their constitutional right, after all. But they better not whine when they inevitably lose their multi-million dollar paychecks.

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