Will Hillary Crash?

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Shrillary’s inept and arrogant mishandling of her email scandal has splashed gasoline on the flames that are burning down her presidential aspirations. Her pathetic and insultingly implausible claim that she illegally conducted all government business on a private account so as not to have to carry two phones (as if she would have access to the technical expertise to set up her own server, yet didn’t know anyone who could tell her she could put two accounts on one phone) was rendered still more preposterous by the revelation that she apparently uses both an iPhone and a Blackberry anyway. She lied that the server was set up in her house for use by President Slick Willie — who does not use email. Also failing the laugh test is her claim that she never emailed classified material as Secretary of State.

Shrillary insolently proclaims that her private server will remain private, even as it drags her under the waves like an anchor tied around her neck. That gives an idea of why she illicitly kept her official emails hidden in the first place — they must be incriminating in the extreme regarding Benghazi and the pay to play schemes that apparently characterized her tenure at the State Department. If it is still possible for a high-profile Democrat to be held accountable before the law in this country, Shrillary could be on her way to the Big House rather than the White House.

But even though it is beyond obvious that this scandal alone disqualifies her from the presidential race, the sort of people who would vote for her are still the sort of people who would vote for her — and they couldn’t care less about rule of law or even competence, as their approval of Obama demonstrates. Just a couple days ago her support was still strong:

Hillary Clinton has weathered a barrage of attacks and retained strong support across the Democratic Party, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows…

The poll found that 86% of Democratic primary voters said they could see themselves supporting Mrs. Clinton for president. That commanding level of support cut across all major demographic groups within the party…

Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Fred Yang, called Mrs. Clinton’s strong starting position so “stunning” that it will be hard for any potential primary opponent to challenge.

“No one is going to sneak up” on her, Mr. McInturff said. “She is like one of those large naval ships. It will take more than one torpedo to sink the boat.”

This was before yesterday’s presser debacle, but after the brown stuff had already started hitting the fan.

Mrs. Clinton has been buffeted by a lot of torpedoes lately — over her use of private email while she was secretary of state and for allowing the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation to accept donations from foreign governments.

Yet even now, Democrats would vote for her. What else do you need to know about their mentality?

Fortunately, non-Democrats have higher standards. The Dems may have to go with someone more electable — unless our fundamental demographic transformation has already reached the point where they don’t have to run serious candidates to win, as Obama’s electoral success suggests.

Compliments of Stormfax.

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