Emotional VIDEO: Moment a WWII Vet Reads Long-Lost Love Letter

This brought tears to my eyes… A long life of love and adventures together – then to be separated by something as cruel as death is just unbearable. They were always a beautiful couple, Bill and Bernadean Moore. Now at 90, Bill Moore was given an unexpected gift when someone found his letter in items purchased in a thrift shop and the person decided to track him down to give the letter back to him. What an incredibly thoughtful and selfless thing to do. This was a wonderful and stirring gift to someone who has lost the love of his life. Fate works in very strange ways.

PHOTO: These handout photos show Bill Moore and Bernadean Gibson.

From ABC News:

A World War II veteran who was recently reunited with a love letter he wrote to his then-sweetheart more than 70 years ago broke down in tears while reading his own words.

Bill Moore was 20 years old in 1944 when he wrote a letter to a young woman named Bernadean that he met while on furlough during the war, not knowing that he would go on to marry her.

The letter was found in the sleeve of a record that was purchased by a stranger in a thrift shop. The stranger went on a search to reunite the letter with its author.

Moore, now 90, now lives in an assisted care facility in Aurora, Colorado. His daughter was contacted shortly before Valentine’s Day this year by the person who unintentionally bought the letter, and Moore was overcome with emotion when he read it for the first time in 70 years.

“I was really surprised because I would have no way of knowing that it would show up in the way it did,” he told ABC News’ Denver affiliate, KMGH.

Moore was fighting in Patton’s Third Army at the time and what he didn’t know when he wrote that letter was that he would go on to marry the woman he called “my darling, lovable, alluring, Bernadean” and have three children together.

They were married for 63 years before she died in 2010.

“I loved her … she loved me and that’s all I can tell you is the heartache of not being with her all the time,” he told KMGH.

Together for 63 years… inseparable by anything in this world. And they will be together again, I have no doubt. He married the woman he wrote that letter to: “my darling, lovable, alluring, Bernadean.” Perhaps it was Bernadean’s way of reassuring Bill she is waiting for him and that she will see him in a little while. Love transcends all – even time and death. I can understand Moore weeping over a letter from 70 years ago and the love he still feels today. That’s the way it should be if you are lucky enough to find someone to love and live with and then venture into the next life with.

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