Woman Who Let World Read America’s Secrets To Portray Trump’s Foreign Policy Positions As Dangerous

Alternate headlines:

  • Woman who turned Libya into a hotbed of ISIS and radical Islam to protray….
  • Woman who left four Americans to die to portray…
  • Woman who called Bashar Assad a reformer to portray…
  • Woman who refused to support the Iranian Green uprising and the Arab Spring to portray…

Under Hillary, there were many international messes created thanks to the policies of the Obama administration and herself. Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine are just a few of note. How’d that Russian “reset” work out? Relations are poor with Israel, Poland, and Britain, among others. Then there’s that horrific Iran deal, for which Hillary takes credit. Yet, Donald is the problem? The front page has the headline as “Clinton to Paint Trump as a Risk to World Order”, and I really enjoy the photo of Hillary in her Mao pantsuit within the article

Hillary Clinton to Portray Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Positions as Dangerous

Hillary Clinton plans to deliver a scorching assessment of Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy prescriptions on Thursday, casting her likely Republican rival as a threat to decades of bipartisan tenets of American diplomacy and declaring him unfit for the presidency.

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Mrs. Clinton’s campaign aides said the speech, which she will deliver in San Diego, would be the start of a persistent assault to portray a potential Trump presidency as a dangerous proposition that would weaken American alliances and embolden enemies.

The argument will include specific criticism of comments Mr. Trump has made about rethinking the United States’s support of NATO; his proposal to allow Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to acquire nuclear weapons; his vow to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the United States; and his pledge to advance the use of torture and kill the families of suspected terrorists.

I’m not saying that Trump is necessarily wise or has thoughtful policies, but, a SCOAMF as Secretary of State like Clinton shouldn’t exactly be throwing stones. Heck, even uber-Leftist Salon thinks her foreign policy record is a disaster. And, isn’t being Secretary of State all about foreign policy?

But Mrs. Clinton will also invoke her experiences as secretary of state, including in 2011 when she supported President Obama’s decision to send Navy SEALs on a raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden, to make the case that Mr. Trump does not have the temperament to make such decisions.

Supporting someone else’s policies is not an achievement. Just because you supported a sports team which won a championship doesn’t mean you were part of making it happen.  Meanwhile, ISIS exploded on the scene under her watch, and Islamic terrorism spread exponentially.

While Mrs. Clinton must be cautious not to alienate liberal Democrats who oppose some of her hawkish foreign policy stances, her campaign says national security could be the catalyst that drives independents and wavering Republicans to support her this fall.

It might if she wasn’t a disaster on foreign policy. It might if she was going against a Republican (in the case of Trump, Republican should be in quotation marks) who was afraid to attack. Trump? He’ll lay into her with shot after shot after shot.

And in the article

In an interview Wednesday night, Mr. Trump criticized Mrs. Clinton’s early support for the Iraq war, which he said he opposed, and questioned her judgment in Libya. “Bernie Sanders said it and I’m going to use it all over the place because it’s true,” Mr. Trump said. “She is a woman who is ill-suited to be president because she has bad judgment.”

You can expect Trump to hit back hard, especially right after Hillary’s speech, and you can bet that the media will be salivating to cover it.

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