Middle School Teacher Gets Pregnant by Student… Then THIS Happens

Middle School Teacher Gets Pregnant by Student… Then THIS Happens

Incredible. It all started as a Summer fling when teacher and 13-Yr old student meet during summer school. Immediately they start to flirt, then Summer ends. The flirtation continued on, until one day the student does not show up to school, and the teacher is “concerned” about his absence so she sees opportunity to play with fire, while still maintaining innocence, and gives out her number. You know, in the case that he needed “help” with getting to school or homework assignments, because that’s what teachers do? Well, needless to say…it all went downhill from there. They added phone conversations to the flirtation, then a ride home from school one day, they kissed. That kiss turned into kisses and then those kisses turned into…THIS.

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The boy asked Vera if they could hang out and she agreed. They then began taking drives in her car and kissing and soon started having sex on an almost daily basis, according to court documents.

Their first sexual encounter happened after Vera went to drop the child off, but his parents were not home. They then went back to her house.

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And the couple didn’t keep their relationship a secret – even at school.

One student told Eyewitness news: ‘[The student] like grabbed her butt and everybody saw it. And then they were talking about it.’

The eighth-grade English teacher, who has one child, told police that she and the teen ‘are in love’ and that she had been introduced to his family as his girlfriend, reported ABC-13.

She also claims that the family are accepting of the relationship and often include her in family gatherings.

According to court documents, Vera said the parents allowed the teen to spend the night at her house, after which she would drop him off at home in the morning so he could catch the bus to Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas.

In January, things reached a peak when Vera fell pregnant with the young boy’s baby – but she told officers his family ‘were very supportive and excited about the baby’, reported KPRC.

Vera decided to have an abortion however, after reportedly getting nervous about their relationship when Child Protective

Services unexpectedly showed up at school in February, to question her and the student about their relationship.

She reportedly denied the relationship at the time, according to the DA’s office.

How does a person get reality SO twisted up in their minds to create one where it’s OK to date and have sex with A CHILD! Love? SHUT-UP. She mentally ruined one kid, and killed another….and now she’s going to most likely rot in jail for a long while. Can she really say it was worth it? Disgusting.


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