WOW! Now Even CNN Is Saying THIS About Hillary….

WOW! Now Even CNN Is Saying THIS About Hillary….

Jake Tapper is keeping his spot as one of CNN’s only reporters that conservatives will still watch. And last night, he covered Hillary’s re-emergence. Hillary, as we know, has been making headlines recently only when hikers have happened across her presence on nature trails like some kind of pantsuit-wearing Bigfoot. Despite her new back-to-nature attitude, she recently called for new investments into the parts of America that don’t have cell phone coverage after learning to her great shock that some residents in Pennsylvanian only have dial-up internet.

The horror! Maybe she couldn’t win the election because American didn’t have enough coverage to read CNN’s fake news?

Tapper’s nightly show dove right into her recent appearance in New York where she blamed her election loss on everyone else but her.

As reported on Allen B. West’s site:

You’d think perhaps that taking “personal responsibility” for her loss would be more along the lines of acknowledging that she held only two-thirds as many campaign rallies as Trump did, which drew in far fewer people (for example, in August 2016, 198,280 attended Trump’s rallies, but only 9,820 attended Hillary’s). Or maybe she would’ve put in enough effort where there wouldn’t have been articles like one published October 24th titled “Hillary Clinton so far ahead in the polls that she doesn’t even think about Donald Trump anymore.” Great call there, by the way.

Starting with CNN’s Jake Tapper who laid out the list of Hillary’s excuses in this eight second clip:

Later on in the show, HBO’s Bill Maher chimed in, saying that Hillary was right to put some of the blame on FBI Director Comey. It’s worth noting that Maher backed Hilldog in the election.

Hear that? Next time you get arrested, blame the officer! Next time you lose an election because you’re an untrustworthy liar, blame whoever points it out!

In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘Things Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches that When it comes to life, your attitude should be, “If I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it.” Hillary didn’t earn the Presidency, so she doesn’t deserve it. But here she is, back in all of our faces. If you’re tired of staring at Hillary, try picking up this new book which you can purchase from Amazon here.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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