Absorbed by Greater DC, Alexandria Starts Scrubbing Southern Past

Absorbed by Greater DC, Alexandria Starts Scrubbing Southern Past

As the federal government grows, so does the Debt Star. It is expanding quickly into Virginia, which will soon become more a suburb of Washington than any recognizable part of the South. As territory is conquered, the region’s history is scrubbed:

In a town that once took considerable pride in its Confederate past, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously Saturday to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway and seek permission from the Virginia General Assembly to move a renowned statue of a Confederate soldier in historic Old Town. …

After a lengthy public hearing, the council agreed to try to relocate the “Appomattox” statue from the busy intersection of Prince and Washington streets, where thousands of motorists pass it each day. The pensive and unarmed south-facing Confederate soldier would be moved to a local history museum on the same corner.

…and from there to the city dump, when no one who might defend Virginia’s heritage is paying attention.

It was just a year ago that the city decided to end its practice of hanging three Confederate flags from traffic light poles at the “Appomattox” statue on Lee’s birthday and on Confederate Memorial Day.

Momentum is building. By the time the liberal Northeast Boston–Washington Corridor extends all the way to Florida, much more of American history will have been erased.

This Confederate soldier will soon be a casualty of a Civil War that still hasn’t ended.

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