Entire Seattle High School Football Team Disrespects America During National Anthem

Entire Seattle High School Football Team Disrespects America During National Anthem

Given that public schools tend to be run by flaming moonbats, this should come as no surprise:

The entire Garfield High School football team, including the coaches, took a knee during the national anthem Friday night before their game against West Seattle High on Friday night to protest “social injustices.”

The head coach projects responsibility onto the kids:

After the game, which [unfortunately] Garfield won, Garfield High School head football coach Joey Thomas said that “the players decided to do this” to bring attention to “social injustices,” emphasizing that it was “a player-driven” move and that his players plan to continue the practice during the anthem before every game “until they tell us to stop.”

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As in the NFL, that is not going to happen. Seattle Public Schools issued an official statement supporting these disgusting displays in the name of the First Amendment. If the players tried to pray on the field, they would be stopped in the name of that same amendment.

The NFL’s failure to put a stop to this has allowed the disease to spread far and wide. Once the national anthem united us in pride and respect. Now it is an occasion for moonbats and those easily cowed by moonbats to denounce our country and our heritage. Very soon the Star-Spangled Banner will be regarded as controversial, and will no longer be played so as to avoid the acrimony.

Everyone who refuses to stand for the national anthem should be kicked off the Garfield team, especially the coaches. Instead they will be congratulated on their political correctness, and Kaepernick disease will spread further, throughout high schools and down to the junior high level.

Garfield High School: United in moonbattery against the USA.

On a tip from Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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