German Train-Naming Reaches for New Extremes of Tastelessness

German Train-Naming Reaches for New Extremes of Tastelessness

The few remaining German Jews have every right to be furious:

The German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has defended its decision to name a high-speed train after the world-famous Holocaust victim Anne Frank. …

A German conservative MP, Iris Eberl, tweeted that it was a “tasteless” choice, as Anne Frank and other Jews had been sent by train to their deaths. …

DB is state-owned and the successor of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, which deported millions of Jews and other victims of the Nazis.

You want tasteless? Try this:

DB spokesperson Antje Neubauer said the girl was a symbol of tolerance.

Anne Frank also represented “peaceful co-existence of different cultures, which is more important than ever in times such as this”, she said.

The obvious reference is to the recent importation of well over a million largely unassimilable Muslims into Germany. A grotesque attempt is made to equate Jewish victims of the German government with Islamic colonists brought in by the current government, who tend to be vociferously hostile toward Jews.

More tastelessness: Anne Frank was among 25 famous names chosen for the trains. Another was Karl Marx — whose malevolent ideology has run up a body count that dwarfs that of the Nazis. Nazi concentration camps were inspired by the gulags set up by the first Marxist dictators, Lenin and Stalin, to which victims were sent across Russia by train.

Maybe they should just give the trains names like Hans and Heidi.

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