Judge Lets Off Bowe Bergdahl

Judge Lets Off Bowe Bergdahl

They may as well decriminalize treason. Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter who may have defected to the Taliban, will receive no more punishment than a dishonorable discharge:

Bergdahl had pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. A judge spared him jail time and dishonorably discharged him – in line with what the defense had asked for. He faced up to life in prison for his charges; prosecutors wanted a 14-year punishment.

Bergdahl wisely chose to have his case decided by a judge rather than a military panel.

He is back in this country because Barack Obama (who also commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning, treasonous perpetrator of the largest intelligence leak in U.S. history) traded him for five top terrorists. At the time, Obama intoned piously about the USA not leaving anyone behind. Four died after Obama left them behind at Benghazi; evidently, they don’t count because they were heroes rather than traitors like Bergdahl, who declared himself ashamed to be American.

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Attempts to find the worthless Bergdahl have been blamed for at least six American deaths. Also, National Guard Master Sgt. Mark Allen was shot in the head and is severely disabled.

Although Trump is 100% correct that Bergdahl should have been executed, it is too bad he did not keep this to himself.

Army Col. Jeffery Nance ruled that he would only consider Trump’s comments as a mitigating factor in Bergdahl’s sentencing – not an aggravating factor.

Any judge who would even consider going light on someone like Bergdahl might have let him go with no prison time at all to stick it to Trump.

It can’t be easy for those serving in the military to maintain morale under these circumstances.

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